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AEREON 26, a least-cost, least-size manned model to demonstrate aerodynamic feasibility, performance and handling qualities, was field-tested in 1970 and flight-tested in March 1971.  The AEREON 26 was a dynamically scaled model of the much larger sized DYNAIRSHIPand was the shining success of Project TIGER.  Achieving flight through aerodynamic lift alone, the 26 was not a hybrid; rather it was used to test the aerodynamic qualities of the aerobody.  These tests confirmed the feasibility of the design and resulted in AEREON’s board voting unanimously to press on toward the development of a full-orbed, semi-buoyant prototype DYNAIRSHIP, for commercial cargo service. Because capital markets in the 1970's extinguished most new venture funding, major financing was not obtained for the DYNAIRSHIP program. The DOD Office of Force Transformation told Mr. Miller in February, 2003 "You were 30 years ahead of your time!" Very recently OSD interest in lifting-body airships finally opens serious potential for this radical form of air-lift.
March 1971 - Takeoff from the FAA Test Center, NJ


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