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AEREON advances the art of aviation: - by a profitability and safety breakthrough in commercial heavy vertical lift, a capability breakthrough in military airborne surveillance, and optimizing hybrid, lifting-body-airships for remote area logistics.
“Time flies, why not man?” said Solomon Andrews. He invented, built and flew his first AEREON er Manhattan in 1863. Today AEREON Corporation asks, “Birds land easily, why use long runways?”
Exploiting neglected aerodynamic principles, AEREON 's proprietary technique/technology will enable ultra short-deck and small field missions for its deltoid Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). And this Wide Aperture Surveillance Platform (WASP UAV) is a triangular “flying radome” that presents an uncompromised 360° field of regard for its low-frequency radar. Military contract research documented WASP order of magnitude greater radar capability for missile and threat detection, over equal-size airplanes, yet as a less expensive system. Angel funding will be timely to enhance and leverage anticipated military contract funding.
Advances in VTOL technology permit a 25%-50% greater commercial profit (compared to helicopters) for industrial heavy cargo lightering. Aerial logging crashes and fatalities virtually could end. Violent downwash-induced debris-injuries and fouled engines of helicopters also are precluded by VectoRotor’s blend of helium-lift with rotary-wing thrust. Patents are issuing in several countries. Application for a U.S. government grant, for a sub-scale Technology demonstration program, is being submitted at this time. Angel funding is relevant leverage, with this grant, to generate an early stage stream of revenue during product development.
Lifting Body Airship technology, pioneered by AEREON during its first 30 years, finally has been recognized by OSD as a promising solution for huge global airlifters. We pioneered semi-buoyant aircraft. We built AEREON III, dismantled it, adopted a deltoid hull shape, (“DYNAIRSHIP”) and funded RDT&E:“Project TIGER”. Though patents in 10 countries have expired, those aerodynamic proof-of-concept flight evaluations (1971) of AEREON 26 at FAA’s Test Center, NJ, our know-how, and proprietary innovations will add unique value to our response to DARPA ‘s “Walrus Program” RFP next summer. [-- “No runways?” ] Our company is teaming with a larger, very capable company to compete for a contract. The Office of Force Transformation told Mr. Miller, “You were 30 years ahead of your time.”
William McE. Miller, Jr.
AEREON 's team includes consultants with major industry and government engineering leadership experience. The company is financed by private and angel investors
AEREON Corporation; 20 Nassau Street (#223); Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel: 609-921-2131; E-mail:;
William McE. Miller, Jr., Chairman and President
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