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Press Release: March 2nd, 2004
“Emulate the landings of birds?” AEREON’s step beyond the Wright Brothers

Dynamic Lift Assisted STOL combined with the low wing loading of AEREON’s triangular Wide Aperture Surveillance Platform UAV (WASP UAV), should permit E-2C Surveillance capability to be based on small Navy Ships far from aircraft carrier battle groups (CVBG).

Inventor Dr. James D. Lang, a career USAF pilot, was awarded twelve Air Medals and two Distinguished Flying Crosses, earned his doctorate in aerodynamics at Cranfield University in England, was a leader of Boeing PhantomWorks in St. Louis, and serves on the USAF Scientific Advisory Board. He is Principal Investigator for AEREON’s experimental research proposal currently under review by a major defense agency. The work will be Proprietary. A patent application is in process for this advance in the art of aviation..beyond flying like birds.
AEREON’s team includes consultants with major academic, industry and government engineering experience. The company, financed by principals, welcomes angel inquiries.
AEREON Corporation; 20 Nassau Street (#223); Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel: 609-921-2131; E-mail:;
William McE. Miller, Jr., Chairman and President


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