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WASP UAV Mission Statement
November 12, 2002
The future of aircraft development will be dominated by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) design.  Recognizing this, AEREON Corporation has chosen to develop its Wide Aperture Surveillance Platform  (WASP) into a UAV for the next generation of joint force operations. WASP-UAV will enable the military more cost-effectively to utilize legacy assets by augmenting and extending their scope of capabilities by surveillance operations in littoral warfare environments.
Building on AEREON Corporation’s 40+ years of aerodynamic, aerostatic, and rotary wing technology experience; the WASP concept is designed to be a low-risk aerobody with high performance and multi-modular payload capacity. Two patented radar configurations (U.S. Patent No’s. 4,896,160 and 5,034,751) assure operational effectiveness.  A WASP UAV profile reveals:
An Optimal, low-risk Deltoid Aerobody Configuration
  • Spacious Payload Volume for Multiple Mission Applications
  • A Deck Spot 60% that of the E-2C AEW airplane
  • Airframe Cost Under $2M
Multi-Modular Spacious Payload Capacity – Same Airframe, Diverse Payload Options
  • Surveillance:(ISR) Capability:
  - Deltoid Geometry allows 360° Real-Time Azimuthal Radar Coverage
  - At 22% the Takeoff Gross Weight of the E-2C with equal Radar Performance
  • Payloads Provide: AEW, CEC, EO/IR, MTI, Periscope Detection, SAR, Hyper-spectral Sensing
  • Weapon/Equipment Deployment: 
  - Scores of Sonobuoys
  - Stand-off Missiles
  - Smart Weapons and small TUAVs
  - Humanitarian/Military Supplies
High Performance – Land, Carrier, and Littoral Combat Ship Based Operations
  • Extremely Short Take Off / Landing
  • All-Weather Capability
  • 12 hour Mission Endurance
  • Robust triangular airframe
Envisioned to be the next generation of tactical surveillance aircraft, WASP UAV will allow the armed services to extend their reach with a cost-effective, multi-mission platform.  It will allow time sensitive, in-theatre, sensor-shooter responses with the additional capability to deliver a broad array of payloads.  Providing radar coverage, troop re-supply, and ordinance deployment, the WASP UAV will give the military the knowledge advantage needed for networked surveillance and time-sensitive strike operations, in littoral environments for joint force operations, well into the future. 


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