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Press Release: February 9th, 2004
National leader serving on Board of early stage, advanced Aircraft Company

Former Principal Deputy Assistant SECNAV Mr. Richard Rumpf recently attained his first year of service on AEREON’s Board of Directors. He has facilitated critical proposal reviews. He has enabled the company to present its advanced concepts to senior leaders. He has introduced the company to potential partners for industry collaboration. He is a stockholder.

Mr. Rumpf also serves on the Boards of the Association of Unmanned Vehicles Systems International, Aurora Flight Sciences and serves on the Navy Research Advisory Council.
AEREON Corporation, pioneering several advanced aeronautical vehicles for commercial and military missions, was founded in 1959 to initiate and commercialize what the company later termed “Lifting Body Airships”(LBA) combining aerostatic with aerodynamic lift.
Today its interests include:
  • VectoRotor (a hybrid VTOL system concept)
  • WASP UAV (a deltoid flying radome concept)
  • DYNAIRSHIP II (a new lifting body airship concept)
AEREON’s team includes consultants with major academic, industry and government engineering experience. The company, financed by principals, welcomes angel inquiries.
AEREON Corporation; 20 Nassau Street (#223); Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel: 609-921-2131; E-mail:;
William McE. Miller, Jr., Chairman and President


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